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Set up encrypted email in Mail using S/MIME on OS X

Enter the following details on the Create Your Certificate Screen: Self-Signed Root Certificate Type: You will receive a warning that you are creating a self-signed certificate that won't be automatically trusted by computers that receive it. Click Continue.

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Certificate Information: Leave all items as the default values and click Continue. Email Address: Your Company, Inc. Organization Unit: YourState Country: Enter additional SAN names you will be securing such as additional subdomains, or other websites e. You should then see a screen showing "Your Certificate has been successfully created", and a red warning stating that This root certificate is not trusted.

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Click Done. You will then receive a message stating 'Server wants to export key "www.

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Click the Gear drop-down and select Manage Certificates. This will open a Certificate Assistant and you will need to enter the information below on each screen: This completes the setup for your email security credentials at your end.

Quit Keychain Access. Launch Mail, and open a new message form. If all is well, you should see a new pair of icons in the lower right part of the header area, just above the white message body area: Yours may or may not look like the screenshot: If you have more than one email account and the currently-selected account in Mail is not the one for which you just created security credentials, both icons may be grayed out. As long as you see these two icons in some form gray, black, or blue, selected or not selected , you have successfully completed setup.

The final step is to exchange certificates with your correspondents.

S/MIME in OS X Isn't Just For Tin Hat Wearing Nerds Anymore

When you first receive an email message with a new, self-signed certificate, Mail will not be able to trust the certificate and will alert you to this fact, first with a banner:. Due to at least one straggling bug amazingly still in place in OS It looks like it works and it might possibly intermittently work for some people some of the time, depending whether Keychain Access is running or quit and likely due to other factors beyond what i can track.

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It can and will show the message as signed, but if you try to send an encrypted reply, no encryption for you-oooh! If you want to see what it would look like if it did work, go to this section on the page in this series of articles for OS Quit Mail and follow the same instructions above to use Keychain Access to trust the certificate, as you did previously for your own.

GPGMail and S/MIME?

Padlock remains grayed out, even though the certificate shows as trusted. This currently happens if you try to allow Mail to change the trust settings of a certificate.

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Anyone at Apple wanting to look into this should check my Radar bug, This bug was reported 25 June and as of 27 July is still not fixed, making me wonder whether teens Apple ever fixes its bugs wrote the former s Apple software QA tester. It would be really nice if Apple finally fixed this bug, before Apple abandons El Capitan. Many things can cause this failure, esp.

Here are the ones i know:.

This is a critical user interface element which somehow has been working from at least as far back as Mail 2 in OS It needs to be fixed pronto! Found an error?