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Making the Dock Easier to See » Vision » 4All » Tech Ease

Categorize your desktop items even further with tabbed docks for your programs, documents, links and other items. Easily customize the tab names, order, color and position. Drag a text file, for example, to your docked word processing application to quickly open the file right from your dock. DeskScapes capabilities give you the option to have different wallpaper on each of your monitors or stretch video and static wallpapers over multiple monitors. Choose from the many dock skins included with ObjectDock or discover a new favorite for free at our WinCustomize.

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Answers that don't include explanations may be removed. If you definitely need something that approximates a Windows-like taskbar, I would go with something like Hyperdock :. To come down firmly on one side of the Windows vs. OS X debate is somewhat missing the point. There are always going to be things that one OS does better than the other.

Utilities like HyperDock give you the best of both worlds, and what I like best about this app is that it works seamlessly, without the flaky unpredictability that I associate with Windows UI enhancements that I have tried in the past. I developed uBar , which is a taskbar for OS X.

Turn Windows into Mac OS X Yosemite

It is very well maintained and while it is a Windows-style taskbar it follows the OS X aesthetic which is important. Feel free to check it out, I hope you'll enjoy it. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

What software can add a Windows-like taskbar to the Mac OS? Ask Question.

Make Windows Look Like mac OS Sierra -- UPDATED

Asked 6 years, 11 months ago. Active 3 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 30k times. What's the best Windows-like taskbar for a Mac? CajunLuke Philip Philip 49 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Read more about locked posts here. There isn't any really usable application like that. There was Fantastik , but it's no longer in development. See Windows-style taskbar functionality in OS X?

Where are my apps?

Would you consider editing in more of how your use case differs from this similar question or let us know if this could be closed as an exact duplicate? Assuming that you have a new OS X notebook, you probably have multitouch trackpad too, so try the following: Go to System preferences via the Apple icon in the menubar In the General set the following: Later you will set direct opposites, automatic scroll bars, jump on the clicked spot but for the switchers the above is good for a start. Next, go to Dock and set like: The minimize-windows-into-application icon will partially simulate the Windows taskbar, so you will get: where you can clearly see than the "doc" file is minimized into the app-icon and the untitled is opened.

My setup is: In the "Mission control" uncheck "Show dashboard as space" - left-bottom corner will show to you the Dashboard when needed. EDIT after 1. It is not easy to have windows-like taskbar - here are several points: 1. Similarly as in the taskbar, with the right click on the application icon you can see and switch to different instaces of running application or can open recently used files Soo, if for someone the above sounds as "opinion", sorry for this, but it is not true. Very nice answer. I wouldn't recommend tap-to-click for someone who's not used to a new computer - it's too easy to mess things up with tap-to-click.

The Hot corners don't work well in a multi screen environment. If you like the Mac look, but you prefer or afford Windows, here is how you can make the Microsoft OS have a Mac OS appearance by making the appropriate configurations. The latest version of Apple's operating system was released only half a year ago, in September , and is named macOS Sierra.

In fact, the default desktop background of the new OS depicts Lone Pine Peak mountain of this mountain range. In this guide we will not go through the properties and features of macOS Sierra or deal with Mac at all.

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  • Instead, we will only get involved with Windows, and see how we can give it a Mac appearance. Someone might wonder, why spend time trying to make Windows look like Mac, when one can theoretically install the macOS on the computer instead? The method known as "Hackintosh" allows you to run macOS in a typical computer, without necessarily having a Mac. However, Hackintosh is not for everyone. The biggest limitation is the fact that particular equipment is required, and cannot work just with any hardware.

    Launch Todoist from your Dock/taskbar

    If you do not have the right combination of processor, motherboard, RAM and graphics card, macOS will not work on the computer. Moreover, the process of installation and upgrading is quite difficult for an average user. So, if all you want is just the Mac look, then you do not have to deal with Hackintosh at all. If you still want to run the Apple OS, you can do so for free with a virtual machine.

    This way, all the necessary files and programs for changing appearance will be automatically installed, and all changes to system files will be automatically applied. The problem with these packages is that, apart from the skin, there is a chance that they may contain malware that can lead to an infection of your system. Additionally, apart from viruses, such applications could damage Windows system files that they attempt to modify.

    So, it is advisable to avoid these types of files, despite the convenience that they may offer, unless you trust their sources and their risks.

    Open multiple finder windows on mac

    The base for the Mac appearance is the main theme that shall be used in Windows. A very good choice in this case is Sierra for Windows 10 , which you can find for free in deviantArt. From the same author you can find Sierra for Windows 7. In any case, check the author's installation instructions, as for every version of Windows the process may differ slightly. To download the theme, press the Download button located at the top right part of the page.

    Of course, you can use any skin that you want for the Mac appearance, since there are dozens of free themes in deviantArt, as well as various other websites. However, you should make sure that the theme you decide to use is compatible with the version of Windows that you have installed. To bypass this limitation, you have to make a few tweaks to some system files.

    With UxStyle , these tweaks will be applied automatically, without you performing any actions. So, download the corresponding file from the UxStyle website, depending on the version of Windows that you have installed in your computer. The installation procedure is very easy; all you have to do is run the downloaded file and click on Install.

    After the procedure is completed, click on Close. The theme that you downloaded earlier is in. As you will see, it contains a folder named Sierra for Windows 10 , which contains a folder named Themes , and which, in turn, contains three subfolders.