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Tech-Ease is your source for just-in-time answers for classroom technology questions. Funding for Tech-Ease content development has been provided by by various grants from the University of South Florida and the Florida Department of Education. Tech Ease for all your classroom technology needs. Select the Text to Speech pane. Log your current waist circumference in HealthKit by entering a numeric value. The shortcut can also be used from the widget. By default, the shortcut converts centimeters to millimeters.

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Log your current weight in HealthKit by entering a numeric value. Check how long ago you had your last coffee based on when caffeine was last logged in HealthKit. You can use this shortcut in the widget and Siri. Log a small glass of water in HealthKit. By default, the shortcut logs milliliters of water to the Health app. Log a cup of espresso as caffeine intake in HealthKit. By default, the shortcut logs 50 milligrams of caffeine to the Health app. The shortcut can also be used from the widget and Siri. Shuffle a playlist on a specific HomePod, with a specific volume level, and dim the lights.

Windows 10 Text To Speech

The shortcut needs to be configured based on speakers and HomeKit devices in your home. The list of preset volume levels is customizable. The shortcut can also be run from the iOS widget. Use youtube-dl to check the available download formats for a YouTube link copied to the clipboard on iOS. Change the volume of individual HomePods or AirPlay speakers connected to iTunes and choose which ones should be currently active. The shortcut lets you select one or multiple speakers as well as enter an exact volume level. Wake the display connected to a Mac on the same local network as your iOS device and paste your password in the login screen by simulating keystrokes.

Choose a playlist to start playing with iTunes on a Mac. The shortcut requires you to enter the exact name of playlists you want to play once, upon configuring the shortcut for the first time. The shortcut cleans up the iOS clipboard by escaping line breaks and quotes. Convert a spreadsheet to a MultiMarkdown table.

For the best experience, select a table in Numbers, copy cells, then run the shortcut. Convert a rich text selection from a Safari webpage to Markdown and copy the plain text to the clipboard. The shortcut needs to run as an extension in Safari. Extract section headings from Markdown text shared with the extension and generate a Table of Contents for headings between H2 and H6. The final list supports indentation and is copied to the clipboard as Markdown. Take Markdown from the system clipboard and put a cleaned-up version without markers back into the clipboard. Hand off audio playback for Music and Podcasts from your current device to a HomePod of your choice.

You can customize the list and names of HomePods based on your setup in a menu. Find the IDs for media sections of your Plex library running on a local server. These IDs can then be used with another shortcut to refresh scan individual Plex media sections such as Movies or TV shows. The shortcut requires your Plex token and returns raw XML data. The shortcut was originally created for Club MacStories members.

Hand off audio playback for Music and Podcasts from a HomePod of your choice to the current device. Pause all HomePods or AirPlay 2 speakers around the house in one go. Type a search query and open search results in the YouTube app. The shortcut supports both keyboard input and conversational mode in Siri.

To run this shortcut, save a profile image from Twitter first. Encode the file passed to the shortcut as audio and apply custom metadata to it such as artwork, artist name, and album. The audio file is then shared with extensions. Set the playback destination to a specific HomePod on your local network and start playing audio.

The shortcut requires your Plex token to communicate with a Plex server running on the same local network as the iOS device. The shortcut can optionally create a Top 25 playlist for your most played songs and generate a PDF report. The shortcut is primarily designed for Apple Music subscribers. To calculate number of plays, the shortcut looks at songs that have been played in full without skipping and added to your library in any given year. Start a playlist in Apple Music with shuffle enabled.

Custom Icons for Home Screen Shortcuts

The shortcut needs to be configured with the names of your playlists from the Music app. Open frequently used notes choosing from a list of titles or manually search for a specific note in the Notes app. The list of supported languages can be customized in the shortcut.

Starting with Shortcuts 2. The Notes action can be replaced with other note-taking apps such as Evernote or Drafts. Quickly append text to a note called Scratchpad in your Notes app. Append a file or image to the bottom of a note in Bear. The shortcut will either present the native Files or Photos picker before launching the Bear app. Combine multiple images into a single image. The shortcut supports images passed as input via the extension as well as picking images manually from the photo library. Search your photo library for old photos taken on this day in previous years.

The shortcut can look for photos from multiple years, with multiple photos per day. If more than one photo is found, photos are resized to square and combined in a grid. Create a custom icon on your iOS home screen for any app URL scheme, shortcut, contact, or solid color. Visualize the lens used to capture a photo. Share an image from the system clipboard with app extensions. The shortcut supports both images and photo media contained in the clipboard.

3 Ways to Activate Text to Speech in Mac OS X - wikiHow

The shortcut supports portrait and landscape orientations, but does not support Display Zoom. If multiple screenshots are passed as input, they will be combined in a single image. The GIF can be saved to the Photos app directly from the preview. Count the number of images contained in the current Safari webpage. This shortcut can run in Safari and Safari View Controller from the share sheet. Filter your photo library by the lens used to capture a photo.

The shortcut is optimized for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, and it supports the wide, telephoto, and ultra-wide lenses. By default, the shortcut looks at the last photos from your library. You can choose to save or share the edited version. Optionally, the originals can be deleted. Start playback of a specific show or playlist in Overcast 5 using dictation. Best experienced as a widget. The shortcut requires configuration of Siri shortcuts in the Overcast app. The shortcut allows you to customize the playback destination.

Save a video clip shared from Overcast in the Files app. The shortcut will extract the video file from the Overcast clip shared via the share sheet and rename it with the title of episode being shared. The new show will be added to your library.

Best used as a widget. An advanced shortcut that lets you create multiple tasks at once in Things using natural language parsing. Append notes to an existing task in the Things app. The shortcut can append links or text passed to the share sheet, but it also lets you type or paste your own notes manually.

How to Speak Selected Text with a Keystroke in Mac OS X

You can type a due date in natural language. The shortcut needs to be executed from the action extension.

20 Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

Save a link from the clipboard or shared via the extension to 2Do as a new task. You can pick from multiple lists and optionally define a tag to be automatically applied to the new task. Turn a Safari webpage into a rich task in Things. Additionally, you can type a due date in natural language before creating the task in Things.

Purge completed reminders from the Reminders app and iCloud with one tap. The shortcut displays a confirmation prompt before deleting reminders. Create a task with a checklist in Things based on a fixed template that is stored in the Shortcuts app.