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I have multiple email accounts and all of them say login failed, gmail and hotmail addresses. I was able to enter the correct PW for a single email address and it logs in now, but the option to put the correct PW for the other accounts does not even show up as an option. Same here… Two Google accounts; one Shaw account; one iCloud account; one webnames.

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Non can send mail from my Mini. All accounts work on webmail, and on my iPhone.

This has been going on since 4 April when I installed I had the same problem…so frustrating. After the upgrade I can not sign in into Themler a software to building web sites.

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If I can not sign-in I can not save my files. After updating 10 I installed the update on two computers, a Mac Book Pro, and everything went well no issues part for the gmail account.

How to Update macOS Using a Simple Terminal Command

Which was resolved with re-logging. In the other computer, a Mac Pro, the round tower. The update has been a disaster. AFter the upgrade I find that boots take longer. I get a progress bar telling me there are two minutes remaining, which I never had before and it takes longer than 2 minutes. Mine too.

How to UPGRADE - Mac - Os - X 10.7.5 to High Sierra

Is there any way we can fix this? Thanks for posting, guys. Worst Update quite literally! Since my horrible update yesterday, my laptop crashed twice, deleted all my fonts and refuses to recover or install fonts trust me I have tried every option it keeps disappearing. The problem I found with Illustrator is after a while if you try to do anything with editable text it works for a while then slows down to a freeze.

Audio cuts in and out? Safari works fine? YouTube etc. I have 5,1 Mac Pro.

How can we help?

Apple are at a loss? After the update my MacPro audio is horrible, garbled, skipping. Experiencing the same here. Also on Mac Pro 5,1 with Motu audio interface. I also have a problem with my Wacom Intuos Pro since I upgraded to The standard gestures have completely stopped working. My Magic mouse still works? Restarted in safe mode and bluetooth was active and everything worked. Trashed the com. Safe mode again and after that my WiFi works but Bluetooth is not playing ball. Updated this morning and password autofill on Safari stopped working. Update — it turns out that if I use Touch ID it all seems to work — no typing required.

This seems annoying to me, constantly being asked to type in the password security password for EVERY prefill — why?

How do you shut that off or work around it? At home, however, I use it as a laptop. The password issues I first described apply at work. The Touch ID solution works at home but not once I connect to the external monitor.

How to Backup Your Files Before Upgrading to OS X Mavericks

The f…. No Password is accepted. Then I am asked if I forgot the password, its not working or the keyboard is broken I chose not working. Can click a user enter the password ands its working.

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  • Since update to Mail app also not connecting. I am unable to get It takes me thru the entire process then after the reboot, a message is displayed that it cannot be installed. After the update, two files I have in Apple Numbers software have issues. In one, all the color coding I had in various cells totally disappeared, and in the other I was unable to bold text in various cells.

    Looking for other software since these 2 files need the functions that have disappeared—one is a medical file, the other a budget file. Since installing Mojave This is so annoying as I have to log back in and go through the whole reboot procedure. Hi, the only problem I have had since the update is being locked out of my online banking account.

    Westpac Safari kept prompting me to update password, which I did — that was a mistake, there was nothing wrong with my password. My macbook pro is now so slow. Adobe LR seems to be freezed but moves quite a bit every 50secs. A nightmare. If you just recently updated to MacOS Often after updating system software, MacOS will run various background tasks to update things like Spotlight index, rebuild caches, reindex photo libraries, etc, and those background processes can make a Mac feel slower than it should.

    Let it sit idle for a while and hopefully that will resolve itself. Another possibility is that some app or process is running wild in the background and taking up a lot of system resources, possibly due to an incompatibility with the new MacOS update or some other issue. This can happen with third party software every once in a while too. Let us know if anything changes with your Mac performance.

    If all else fails you could always roll back to the prior version via a Time Machine backup. All other workstations without update are fine. Is there a solution to fix this? The issue has been both freezing while on the screensaver or random rebooting twice a day. Just updated yesterday and now my Mac Pro crashed three times today, twice in immediate succession, with additional multiple app crashes even when it was running. Same here, with the addition that now my fonts are all missing and every time I install fonts they keep going missing. Having the same problem since I installed the last version of Mojave, I have a Mac Pro Late and is shutting down randomly, it worked fine until this update.

    I have 2 Gmail accounts. Reauthentication for the first one worked by re-entry of the password just once. My bigger issue is Adobe CC seems to have problems now. Illustrator will either not open files, freeze or simply shut down with no warning. Yes, many people use aol.

    Plus anyone can still sign up today for a free aol. New font in Safari under If you use Gmail on the web that should not matter, only for Mail app Gmail accounts. Some also say MacOS If you have other problems with MacOS Mojave Combo update download from Apple.

    Updating macOS Catalina: The ultimate guide

    The link for the Combo goes to the French language page. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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