How to unblock youtube videos on mac


  1. Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Country, School, or Work [&FAST]
  2. 1. Unblock YouTube
  3. Turn Restricted Mode on or off
  4. How to Unblock or Open YouTube if Blocked at Offices, Schools and Colleges

When it comes to protection against identity theft, data security, NordVPN stands to be the best. YouTube collects data relating to user privacy, but with VPN you can avoid that. This YouTube country unblocker is really one of its kinds. Step 2: After you download the software, launch it on your PC. As soon as the country pin light glows green, you can watch YouTube unblocked version of any video. Another way to watch free unblock YouTube from foreign countries is using proxy websites. These proxies receive your request and reroutes it through another computer.

There are private and public proxy servers.

Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Country, School, or Work [&FAST]

While private proxies are usually paid, they offer more stability and reliability. These proxies assist you to bypass restricted foreign websites and let you watch YouTube unblocked in your own country. As a YouTube country unblocker, they allow you an anonymous access to watch or read information from across the globe.

While speaking of unblocking and streaming YouTube, browser extensions are also good options. You can unblock YouTube and other blocked websites in school, college or workplace with restricted internet access. There are several websites that allow you to download YouTube videos to watch locally on your device, but it may take some trial and error to find one that is right for you.

To download a video, you will first need to search for it on Google. Although this method is slow and cumbersome, it does allow you to store videos on your device to watch later or offline. When you use Tor, your data is routed through its network of servers where data packs will jump through several relays and exit the network at their destination.

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This security measure prevents network administrators, ISPs, and hackers from tracking your online activity , but since Tor does not encrypt your data, your data is visible as soon as it leaves the network. In fact, Tor was designed to keep access to information free in the face of authoritarian and malevolent governments. However, using Tor with a compatible VPN can be a powerful security tool.

How Do I Unblock YouTube?

This combination can provide a completely anonymous network solution. A VPN will encrypt your data and it will not be visible even after it leaves the network, ensuring that your data is protected even if Tor is hacked or otherwise compromised. If your access to YouTube is limited by firewalls or geoblocking, a VPN is the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to access blocked content.

Best of all, you can try it risk-free with its free hour trial and day money-back guarantee. Kate is a technology researcher and human rights columnist, animal lover, and all-round TV binge-watching enthusiast.

1. Unblock YouTube

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Turn Restricted Mode on or off

VPN Blog Posts. See more posts. Why is YouTube Blocked? There are many reasons that YouTube might be restricted or blocked on your network. Install the VPN software on your device. Step 3: Once you type enter the password successfully, the hosts file will be opened by Terminal. Now, go to the URLs or Sites that you have blocked.

If you have already edited the hosts file correctly, you should not be able to access that URL and Site address. You can easily use the built-in Parental Controls on MacOS to block user accounts directly from accessing to some websites. This will explains how you can block websites by using Parental Controls in detail.

How to Unblock or Open YouTube if Blocked at Offices, Schools and Colleges

Step 3: Select Parental Controls icon. Step 4: Then select the Lock icon displayed at the end of the window.

Step 5: Select the Lock icon, you will certainly be asked to type in the password of Mac. Click on to Unlock.

How to block a website on a Mac

Step 6: Then select the User account which you need to lock. Step: 7: Choose Web tab and select Try to limit adult websites automatically and click on Customize… button.